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Wide range of options including the latest natural stem cell technology.

Are you interested in reducing wrinkles, having radiant skin, and looking as young as you feel?

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the products and services that may help you get there. Some questions you have may be…

What services do you offer?

Will these services help me?

Which products are for me?

What should I do first?

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The advent of modern skin care has granted us ample options for products and procedures, from synthetic to all natural.  But with so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

We specialists at Davis Dermatology can help. The following are the three most crucial questions to ask yourself when considering whether a procedure or product is right for you.

Will this product or procedure address my specific needs?

How long will the effects of the product or procedure last?

Do natural alternatives exist that work as well or better?

Meet Valerie G. Davis, M.D. founder of Davis Dermatology, est. 1988.  With over 25 years of experience, Dr. Davis is highly specialized in her field and understands how to tailor services to the particular needs of each unique client.

Dr. Davis brings together the worlds of conventional and alternative medicine. Surprisingly, she’s one of the only dermatologists to understand the need for and validity of more natural, and often cost-effective forms of skin treatments.
She and the Davis Dermatology team are perfectly poised to evaluate patient wants and needs accurately and provide a variety of options, at no pressure to the client.

Dr. Davis’ team is offering a free Skin Care Consultation for a limited time.

What can you expect from the complimentary call?

  • Learn what products and treatments may be best for your specific situation
  • Speak with someone who can help you sort through the myriad of treatments and products available
  • If interested, learn about effective and safe alternative options to chemical-laden products and treatments
  • Ask questions about the latest treatments and products, some of which are only available with Dr. Davis

Due to patient volume, we can only offer a limited number of complimentary consultations, so act quickly!

Please let us help dispel your confusion and find the right skin care regimen for you!

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Fill in Your Name and Email to Start (Part 1 of 3)